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We've sent a Tax Exempt Certificate, our IRS Determination Leffler and a copy of the Corporate By-laws to the Attorney General of Kentucky as required prior to seeking donations.  This was ordered through a letter mailing service. ORDER SUMMARY To Office of the Attorney General, Kentucky Attn Charity Registration, 1024 Capital Center Drive Suite 200, Frankfort KY 40601, United States Return Address Matthew Leffler, Leffler Foundation Inc, 1355 Bardstown Rd 149, Louisville KY 40204, United States Delivery Service USPS First Class Files Uploaded TaxExemptionCertificate_2020-05-23 copy-merged.pdf Below is a digital copy of the physical file sent as required. [pdf-embedder url="" title="TaxExemptionCertificate_2020-05-23 copy-merged"]
Feb 21 2020 Leffler Foundation was established.