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Leffler Foundation Inc is determined to advance the opportunities available to at risk young adults in Kentucky. It has become increasingly obvious that technical training and laptops are only useful when the recipient has a safe environment to live. To that need we’ve expanded our original program scope to include providing LGBTQ homeless or close to homeless individuals in Louisville a safe steady living environment. To better help our growing mission the Board of Directors held a members meeting May 14, 2020 in which 66% of voting members where present and by unianimous consent name Jimmy C Ausbrooks, a Kentucky mental health professional, to the Board of Directors.  Jimmy accepted this role and expands our board’s skillset to include mental health as well as technology, legal and education professionals.  The Board now has 4 seats, this now requires a 3/4 vote to pass board decisions...
Feb 21 2020 Leffler Foundation was established.