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We've built a small primary board of trusted friends of the founder.  Each brings something to the organization but each lacks the same important need.  A diverse perspective and outside opinion from the founders friends. To help bring in a more diverse perspective we're calling on the public to nominate potential Board of Directors members and Advisory Council members for the nonprofit. Nominees should be local or able to help locally. We will get some great nominees but we plan to review the nominees at our monthly board meetings.  So this search will not be overnight. About The Board of Directors Just as for any corporation, the board of directors of a nonprofit has three primary legal duties known as the “duty of care,” “duty of loyalty,” and “duty of obedience.” Duty of Care: Take care of the nonprofit by ensuring prudent use of all...
We've sent a Tax Exempt Certificate, our IRS Determination Leffler and a copy of the Corporate By-laws to the Attorney General of Kentucky as required prior to seeking donations.  This was ordered through a letter mailing service. ORDER SUMMARY To Office of the Attorney General, Kentucky Attn Charity Registration, 1024 Capital Center Drive Suite 200, Frankfort KY 40601, United States Return Address Matthew Leffler, Leffler Foundation Inc, 1355 Bardstown Rd 149, Louisville KY 40204, United States Delivery Service USPS First Class Files Uploaded TaxExemptionCertificate_2020-05-23 copy-merged.pdf Below is a digital copy of the physical file sent as required. [pdf-embedder url="" title="TaxExemptionCertificate_2020-05-23 copy-merged"]
We're pleased to announce that we've been accepted to Google Nonprofits. This provides free services that billion dollar enterprises have access too, and nonprofits get these for free. We're working to complete our integration with Google Nonprofits but should be using them heavily within the week.
Leffler Foundation Inc Name Any name that is longer than 10 letters as generally too long for public consumption.  Leffler Foundation Inc is one of these names.  While LFI is shorter and easier in logos, it’s important to retain the long form name as it carries the name of our founder and his father. The name also has begun to build a history of its own, in the use of the word Foundation.  It was originally chosen to differentiate the nonprofit purpose of the organization from other corporations. A Foundation We Are Not A foundation is actually a type of nonprofit for tax purposes.  Foundations typically receive the majority of their funding from a trust or a family.  This organization is not a foundation as defined by tax law.  This can lead to confusion and a name change would address this issue. Both have 501(c)(3)...
The following proposed budgets reflected anticipated funding not yet secured.  Additionally all paid staff positions in budget are yet to be filled pending budget approval by the Board and funding.  Each budget seeks approximately $27,000 to operate programs.  Budgets do not include donations of laptops. The LFI Proposed Budget For 2020 LFI2020-PROPOSED-BUDGET The LFI Proposed Budget For 2021 LFI2021-PROPOSED-BUDGET
Feb 21 2020 Leffler Foundation was established.