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The board has expanded to include a fifth member, Anthony Hardin.  Anthony works with Apple and has experience working in legislative government as well as political campaigns.  Anthony was approved by a unanimous vote of members during a special polling conducted by Matthew Leffler, President of LFI.

Anthony has been elected by the board to serve as an officer.  Anthony will lead programing and as we’re a tech organization that includes technology.  Anthony’s title is Vice President of Programing and Technology.  Additionally the board shuffled other officers, naming Chris Coffman, Vice President of Administration and Jimmy Ausbrooks, Vice President of Services.  Matthew Leffler remains President and interim treasurer and Chris Coffman has been named interim Secretary.


The board also created several standing committees.  The Financial Committee was established to provide oversight of finances.  Matthew Leffler as interim Treasurer is not allowed to serve on this committee.  It is headed by Chris Coffman.

The board and membership are aware of a lack of gender diversity and racial diversity.  The Secretary and Treasurer positions remain open and we will actively work to recruit diverse candidates to better reflect the population of our community.

  • The new makeup of officers matches their skillsets and places higher importance on their area of interest.
  • Services are lead under Jimmy Ausbrooks, a mental health counselor.  Services are the benefits we offer our clients.
  • Programs are lead by Anthony Hardin, a technology and logistics minded person.  Programs are the ways that we deliver our services.  
  • Administration is lead by Christopher Coffman, a lawyer in our community.  Legal issues, permits, licenses and records are under his area.

All three of these areas are essential to our success and that is reflected by all three being vice presidents.

Matthew Leffler  

Written By

Matthew Leffler

Matthew founded LFI in 2020 with a group of close friends to better organize an effort to affect positive change in his community.

Prior to that Matt founded Ultimate SEO LCC a technology digital marketing agency in 2018. He has worked for companies like Hewlett-Packard, Gateway Computers and Accenture.

Matthew has an MBA in Technology Management and a MEd in Instructional Design. He received his BS in Information Technology. He holds over a dozen technical certifications

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