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Leffler Foundation Inc has formed a wholly owned subsidiary named Blizzard SEO Limited Company after the donation of the domain by Ultimate SEO LLC.   This new incorporated entity will allow LFI to gain a direct revenue stream from technical work offered to the general public.

Leffler Foundation Inc was formed to provide greater technology access to needy populations in Kentucky and Indiana.  This training and hardware focused mission is supported through the work of this new subsidiary which provides additional opportunity to work with the technology gained from LFI’s efforts.

This was approved by the board May 13th 2020.  Work on the site will be ongoing and the new LLC is still being finalized.

Written By

Matthew Leffler

Matthew founded LFI in 2020 with a group of close friends to better organize an effort to affect positive change in his community.

Prior to that Matt founded Ultimate SEO LCC a technology digital marketing agency in 2018. He has worked for companies like Hewlett-Packard, Gateway Computers and Accenture.

Matthew has an MBA in Technology Management and a MEd in Instructional Design. He received his BS in Information Technology. He holds over a dozen technical certifications

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